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How to Get Right

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I know the street term for manure is shunned by many but it is what it is.  Like most people, I say it because it feels right, and it’s funny.  I’ll refrain from spelling it out too many times for those offended by its use. Let me pontificate. The act of Cultivating Good $?*t is to take […]

Energy and Purpose We are here because energy’s primary purpose is to express a desire. Energy’s purpose is to do. There is no such thing as “half do”. All energy is for doing and only doing. Energy is purposed by desire. The doing has to be directed by a consciousness that knows what it desires […]

What is an erroneous idea? An idea is erroneous if it falls short of attaining the kingdom of heaven.  The writers of the Bible referred to this type of idea as “sin”. I learned from the honorable mind science teacher, Rev. Ike, that to “sin” means to miss the mark in archery.  To fall short […]

What does it mean to seek the kingdom of heaven first?  What is the kingdom of heaven anyway? If we think about it, the kingdom of heaven alludes to a place, yet it is clear that it’s a place in consciousness.  This is because heaven is the best imagined circumstances.  To be in heaven is […]

God, the universal supreme creative force, exists as the expresser of subatomic particles. These particles are God’s spirit physically expressed.  This is part of the conclusion that goes with the premise set forth on the There is Only God post. God is the intelligent force behind the movement of subatomic particles. The law of motion […]

Life is a combination of energy and thought expressed.  Each aspect is what the universal supreme creative force graces man and the universe with.  The universal supreme creative force/mind is life, so to understand life we have to understand what is provided to us with life.   Energy We are provided with energy, the action […]

What is a Germ, when it comes to Elevation-Consciousness? The germ of fear is an insidious thought-choice, belief, or judgment. This fear germ is based on the idea that something is not good and can do your elevation harm. It’s a judgment(thought-choice) on what is, and there is only the universal supreme creative mind/force.  Because […]

We are made in God’s Imagination All is Mind or Consciousness.  The mind of the universe is the universal supreme creative force or God.  For anything to exist it has to be in the mind of God, thus we are made in God’s imagination. This means the universal supreme creative force is imagining your life. […]

“The Word” is Thought Made Flesh or Expressed. God is Consciousness and the universal supreme creative force which makes everything out of itself.  The expression of God is “the word”. When Spirit pushes forth itself into matter in order to express itself in the physical “The Word” is made Flesh.  Theologians have had this misinterpreted […]

Now that I’ve discovered the importance and power in controlling how I think.  I take it upon myself to define ideas for myself.  Society may use a word in a certain context but depending on how I wish to use the word I’ll self-define a word to fit the GetRight nature of my thought process. […]



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