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How to Get Right

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God Makes Us Out of Itself Since the only substance in the universe is God, God makes us out of itself. The question is why can’t you get right? This is the type question that comes to me from time to time. I hear people with every excuse in the book for why things ain’t […]

I used to wonder what ‘Born Again’ meant for a long time.  As a son of a minister it was literally referred to as being a new member of the Christian community.  This membership required you believe in the resurrection of Jesus.  This belief was what I thought being born again really was.  But how […]

Knowledge can be used in many ways, wisdom can be used in only one way…Positively. Wisdom ain’t what you know but how you positively use what you know. We are free to know anything.  Knowing something does not automatically make you wise.  How you use what you know determines whether you are wise or not. […]

“The Social Dilemma” is a documentary on Netflix that explores the impact of social media on society and how it works. The film outlines how social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use algorithms to keep users engaged. This strategy has led to unintended consequences.

Why are we Here? We’re here because that which makes us Desired to make us. I believe we should go at life with the intention of that which made us possible.  Whatever made us must have intended to make us. Why would anything exist if there was no desire to make it exist? Desire fuels […]

I know the street term for manure is shunned by many but it is what it is.  Like most people, I say it because it feels right, and it’s funny.  I’ll refrain from spelling it out too many times for those offended by its use. Let me pontificate. The act of Cultivating Good $?*t is to take […]

Now that I’ve discovered the importance and power in controlling how I think.  I take it upon myself to define ideas for myself.  Society may use a word in a certain context but depending on how I wish to use the word I’ll self-define a word to fit the GetRight nature of my thought process. […]

The questions at hand are what is the purpose of life and what is spirit? This is a joint podcast and rapping session with a good friend, Sean ‘Similac’ Sims. I’m so enthused about the relaunch of Loudtalk from the GetRight Spot! It’s been a while since I did a new show. This is just […]

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  The shortest distance between not knowing and knowing is recognizing the truth. ‘There is Only God’, is the foundational truth and premise of The GetRight Movement. The universal supreme creative mind/force’s only begotten Son is Life. God is Life The life principle is the only […]