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What does “Seek You First the Kingdom of Heaven” mean?

What does it mean to seek the kingdom of heaven first?  What is the kingdom of heaven anyway? If we think about it, the kingdom of heaven alludes to a place, yet it is clear that it’s a place in consciousness.  This is because heaven is the best imagined circumstances or the ideal.  To be […]

Seek You First

God, the Universal Supreme Creative Force is Spirit and the Mover of Subatomic Particles.

God, the universal supreme creative force, exists as the expresser of subatomic particles. These particles are God’s spirit physically expressed.  This is part of the conclusion that goes with the premise set forth on the There is Only God post. God is the intelligent force behind the movement of subatomic particles. The law of motion […]

God, the universal supreme creative force is Spirit.

Napoleon Hill declares Definiteness of Purpose is the key to Outwitting the Devil.

Definiteness Of Purpose Definiteness of purpose, to me, is focus and action.  Focus and action directed toward what you desire.  Whatever you desire in life is caused by your mentality and the work you put in, based on your mentality.  You are what you do, and you can’t do anything without thinking first.  The thought […]


Life Is a Combination of Energy and Thought

Life is a combination of energy and thought expressed.  Each aspect is what the universal supreme creative force graces man and the universe with.  The universal supreme creative force/mind is life, so to understand life we have to understand what is provided to us with life.   Energy We are provided with energy, the action […]

Life is a combination of energy and thought.

The Birth and Meaning of Bodybyloud!?

The Birth of Bodybyloud! When I had the thought that became Bodybyloud!  I had been primarily listening to deep soulful house music as my workout #musicfuel.  However, that day I changed it up and put on some funky, soulful, R&B by Van Hunt. I was working out on the elliptical machine at my gym. I’m […]

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