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About Bodybyloud!

“First Get Your Mind Right, then realize enjoyment is what life is for.”

Vincent Harris, Founder


Body-by-loud! means “Of A Higher Consciousness”. 

I, Vincent Harris, the founder of Bodybyloud! loves thinking, music, cannabis and philosophizing.  This website and movement unites my favorite pastimes.  Most of the ideas and mental expressions on the site are conceived while elevated in consciousness(high), so I call them high-deas.  

The main philosophy of Bodybyloud! is based on the truth that Thought is First Cause.  Nothing comes before thought.  We can’t do or say anything before we think to do or say it first.  I think its is safe to say it works the same way with the Creator. Since thought is first cause, it is in our best interest to elevate our thoughts, because our expression is directly related to our thoughts.  If positive is high and negative is low then our best expression comes from a higher or elevated thought/consciousness.  

Thus Body-by-loud means life made of, through, and by a higher consciousness, a positive mentality and elevated thoughts.  

Wisdom about our relationship to the Universal Supreme Creative Force, ie God, is very important.  It is important because our life expression is created through this relationship.  Our minds are the center of divine operation. 

We need a foundation to build our house of predominate thoughts.  The foundation must be solid, which means if must be based on TRUTH. A house can not stand on a weak foundation. This is why truth seeking is so important to Bodybyloud!  

Truth is the God-Conscious wisdom that the Master teacher, Jesus, taught and expressed.  The truth is God creates all out of itself and God cannot be against God. We are here to spread the word that, “Its All Good” because God is Good.  

WHAT the getright movement does

The GetRight Movement is where like minded people seek to Elevate the Consciousness of everyone through sharing their philosophical wisdom and music they enjoy.  

Wisdom is our Friend.  Music is a joy in itself. We seek to share both.