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Connect what you do with what you love, wealth is automatically in the mix. #getrightquote

Written by on March 17, 2024

When you’re doing what you love you can not feel a sense of lack. This is why we are full of life when we’re doing what we love. This is a consciousness of wealth. Wealth is having life more abundantly, which is having more of what you love in your life, which is having a full life or being full of life. Be coscious of what you love, do it and be grateful, this is wealth consciousness. Connect love and action.

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Bodybyloud! Vint
Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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