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You Can’t Be What You Don’t Do I wrote this Instagram post a couple of years ago.  I realize now it was about doing what you see yourself being. I often thought about it and decided I should revisit the idea. You can only see yourself being and doing something through a forward-conscious vision of […]

I Believe I’ll Figure it Out But I Know I’ll Be Alright Question: What are we figuring out? Is nature trying to tell humans something? Whether the world has corrupt governments? Is the world actually overpopulated or just cramped up in several small spots? What is it? Maybe start there n let us know. Bodybyloud! […]

Definiteness Of Purpose Definiteness of purpose, to me, is focus and action.  Focus and action directed toward what you desire.  Whatever you desire in life is caused by your mentality and the work you put in, based on your mentality.  You are what you do, and you can’t do anything without thinking first.  The thought […]

God, the universal supreme creative force, exists as subatomic particles and these particles are God’s spirit.  This is part of the conclusion that goes with the premise I set forth on the There is Only God post I’m continuing to work on. God is the force behind the movement of subatomic particles. I make this […]

What type of question is What is ‘Eve’? There are several ways to interpret the Bible but the one I have focused on is based on the truth of consciousness.    I do this because the truth is in consciousness.  What I have learned from Thomas Troward and several other metaphysical teachers is that everything […]

Hollywood by Rick James, A Story in Manifesting   I’ve always loved the funky soulful stories I’ve heard in Rick James’ music. Song like “Teardrops” and “Ghetto Life” are soulful tales in music form. Now that my consciousness focuses on manifesting abundant aspects of life, I look at things differently and see different things in […]

Life is a combination of energy and thought expressed.  Each aspect is what the universal supreme creative force graces man and the universe with.  The universal supreme creative force/mind is life, so to understand life we have to understand what is provided to us with life.   Energy We are provided with energy, the action […]

God is Thought Only thought is creative. The book, Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World, by William Walker Atkinson explains how thoughts create circumstances. It is one of those books that gives me a greater understanding of this thing called “The Law of Attraction”. However my studies have lead me to […]

The ‘God AS’ Perspective Because the universal supreme creative force makes everything out of itself, there is only one perspective in the universe.  It is the ‘GOD AS’ perspective.  The universal supreme creative force (USCF)/God is the universe.  God as the moons.  God as the stars.  God as the black holes.  God as the planets. […]

The Birth of Bodybyloud! When I had the thought that became Bodybyloud!  I had been primarily listening to deep soulful house music as my workout #musicfuel.  However, that day I changed it up and put on some funky, soulful, R&B by Van Hunt. I was working out on the elliptical machine at my gym. I’m […]