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How is the Mover of Subatomic Particles NOT in Charge?!

Written by on March 21, 2024

How is the Mover of Subatomic Particles NOT in Charge?!

This Question was inspired by the desire to end the argument about whether God exists.

It may not be an important argument to most people but to me, it’s one of the most important questions man could ever ponder.  The answer to this question is a revelation that leads to more questions in the desire to understand life.  How can we understand life if we don’t start with what makes life?

Anyone who attempts to ponder this question is sent on a journey of thought.   The question came to me while I was trying to figure out a way to end the “debate” amongst Atheists and Theists.  Ending this debate is my way of Glorifying the Lord.  I can think of nothing I am more uniquely created to do.  I have naturally thought about metaphysical truths since I was age 12.  The answer was revealed to me one day as I was being taught about the movement of atomic atoms in middle school science class.  The movement of electrons, protons and neutrons was being explained and I immediately realized ‘Whatever is moving those things is God’.  I haven’t realized anything more true since so the fact that people are debating whether God exists is something the universal supreme creative force has designed me to do something about.

I was made by the universal supreme creative consciousness to end this debate.  As longs as this question exist the end of this debate actualized.  I await anyone who wishes to explain their answer to this question.

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Bodybyloud! Vint
Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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