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How to Get Right

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We are a All-Profit Organization. Our goal is to make life better for everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to teach better thinking which we call Elevation Consciousness or Bodybyloud! This consciousness has as it a main tenet,  Right Thinking which is “Good Thinking” or always thinking the most positive thought. On order to obtain and […]

Be the Vibe, you want to experience in the world. This past Saturday night, I wanted to get out and enjoy a few hours listening to a particular style of music and enjoying some craft brew.  I got dressed, smoked a nice fatty, and jumped in the ride to start my mission.  I was playing […]

Say ‘YES’ to More New Friends I’m seeing where people adopt this “No New Friends” motto as their unique method of operation. I believe the rapper, Drake, had a song that popularized it. Personally, I like to follow a line of thinking just to see where it goes. Let’s play out the line of thinking […]

We finesse the universe by using our understanding of the laws of the universe to bring about or create what we desire in our life. This is why we study cause and effect.  All things are possible by understanding the creative power in us. We are of the Universal Mind, which means we are strengthened by the “source” of […]

The only satisfaction is the realization of desire. The idea of heaven revolves around being satisfied You ain’t in heaven unless you’re satisfied. The question is can you truly be satisfied?

How Adam is Born in Sin Today we’re going to talk about how Adam is born in sin, which is a big idea that might seem complicated at first, but I promise we’ll make sense of it. We will explore the relationships between consciousness, matter, choice, freedom, and sin. First, let’s talk about consciousness. What […]

You gotta believe in something, why not believe in You? Because we think, we have a choice in what to think. This choice is the most important aspect of living. What you think matters more than anything else in the world because of the power it has. Thought power is of the universal supreme creative […]

    What we know is used and backed by the energy we make use of.  This energy is built into our being, which is within the being we call God.   God makes everything out of itself, which is all that exists in the universe.  What we do with what we know is essentially […]

When it comes to life, I’m Mo Be Hittin It. Life is a Party. You decide what life is for you.  Life is what you call it.  Whatever you say life is, that’s what it must be for you.  It is whatever you made your mind up to be. I’ve made my mind up that […]

What is “Christ”? “Christ” is a Conscious Wisdom/Science My definition of Christ is unorthodox and controversial however it makes more sense than anything I ever heard.  I may have to do this as a podcast where I verbally lay it out.  I first came across the assertion reading the ideas and words of Phineas P […]