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What is ‘Adam’? (The Metaphysical Truth about Adam and Eve, Part 2)

Written by on March 16, 2024

What is Adam?

How to get at and understand the metaphysical truth that expresses what ‘Atom/Adam’ is.

The Bible can be understood from several different aspects.  Many people wish to take it literally.   However, in my studies to understand the deeper truths of the Bible, we are admonished, by scholars such as the Honorable Judge Thomas Troward and Rev. Ike, to look at much of the Bible as an allegory that speaks esoterically.

The verses and scriptures are designed to reveal metaphysical truths to anyone who is adept at seeing through the words to the hidden messages.

In Part 1, I relayed the point that in order to get more truth out of the Bible one must understand more about the universal supreme creative force or God.  The more we understand that God made everyone and everything out of itself the better we can recognize the thinly vailed messages in the Bible.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning - Thomas Troward

If the Bible is about God, the universal supreme creative mind then it has to be about Consciousness.  The lessons and truths it seeks to teach and make known have to be about consciousness.    The means the truth and understanding we seek to get is likely to be about consciousness and its relationship to expression.  Truth always relates cause and effect.  For the Bible to be truthful it has to relate cause and effect.

 Consciousness is awareness of self.  The only self there is in the universe is the universal supreme creative force.  This “Self” is the Spirit/conscious energy/expression and mind of the universe.

Adam is the material or physical aspect of man.

Atom is the expression/physical/material aspect of God.  It signifies what is expressed physically.  It is God’s consciousness expressed physically.  We call it the ‘matter’ of our reality.  Reality is the physical expression of consciousness, that is God.  

The atom is the molecular unit of matter that scientists have studied for quite some time.  All the subatomic parts of atoms are moved through, by, and as the conscious energy that is God.

Adam is the material or physical/reality aspect of God as man.  Atoms by way of God express all of the physical universe, including humans.  This consequently means Atom expresses Adam, which consequently means God expresses Man.  Man is expressed materially by, through, and as God consciously imagines.  This is the meaning of man being made in God’s image.  All aspects of man’s physical expression and circumstances are of the mind/consciousness/imagination of God through its volition, desire, and ability to move itself/herself/himself  as Atoms. 

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