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What does it mean to seek the kingdom of heaven first?  What is the kingdom of heaven anyway? If we think about it, the kingdom of heaven alludes to a place, yet it is clear that it’s a place in consciousness.  This is because heaven is the best imagined circumstances or the ideal.  To be […]

Staying Focused in a World of Social Media Distractions Are you finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused and motivated in the midst of a constant stream of social media content? You’re not alone. Many people struggle to maintain their focus and productivity in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with notifications, updates, and alerts.But […]

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Consciousness of ONLY Good. As a conscious elevation scientist, I realize what ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ means when I think of what the universal supreme creative force is. The universal supreme creative force is conscious spirit.  This consciousness expresses life.  Heaven, by it’s objectively and subjectively “good” qualitative state, […]

What is Adam? How to get at and understand the metaphysical truth that expresses what ‘Atom/Adam’ is. The Bible can be understood from several different aspects.  Many people wish to take it literally.   However, in my studies to understand the deeper truths of the Bible, we are admonished, by scholars such as the Honorable […]

I grew up in the 1970s and my father was a music aficionado.  My dad collected music and kept our home filled with the sounds of soulful, funky music he loved.  One of my favorite albums he used to play was Do it (Til You’re Satisfied) by BT Express.  This album is full of wisdom set to […]

What is an erroneous idea? An idea is erroneous if it falls short of attaining the kingdom of heaven.  The writers of the Bible referred to this type of idea as “sin”. I learned from the honorable mind science teacher, Rev. Ike, that to “sin” means to miss the mark in archery.  To fall short […]

How is the Mover of Subatomic Particles NOT in Charge?! This Question was inspired by the desire to end the argument about whether God exists. It may not be an important argument to most people but to me, it’s one of the most important questions man could ever ponder.  The answer to this question is […]

From Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning by The Honorable Judge Thomas Troward Part 1: The Truth about Adam and Eve begins with the truth about god The Bible shares metaphysical truth about the relationship between spirit and matter/expression. This is what metaphysics relates to, how spirit affects matter. Spirit and matter are one however of a […]

What is a Germ, when it comes to Elevation-Consciousness? The germ of fear is an insidious thought-choice, belief, or judgment. This fear germ is based on the idea that something is not good and can do your elevation harm. It’s a judgment(thought-choice) on what is, and there is only the universal supreme creative mind/force.  Because […]

You Can’t Be What You Don’t Do I wrote this Instagram post a couple of years ago.  I realize now it was about doing what you see yourself being. I often thought about it and decided I should revisit the idea. You can only see yourself being and doing something through a forward-conscious vision of […]