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People Suffer for Lack of Wisdom, not Knowledge.

Written by on February 14, 2024

Knowledge can be used in many ways, wisdom can be used in only one way…Positively.

Wisdom ain’t what you know but how you positively use what you know.

We are free to know anything.  Knowing something does not automatically make you wise.  How you use what you know determines whether you are wise or not.  Knowing how to shoot a firearm means just that.  Wisdom is knowing when to use it and when not to use it.  It’s fine in self-defense when you cannot immediately get out of a situation.  Going into a public place and shooting innocent people is not only unwise but negative use.  Negativity cannot be wise.  


The positive use of knowledge is the positive use of energy.

If we observe the world we live in we can see some things are apparent.  A lot of what we observe as suffering is from the negative use of energy and knowledge.  The harm done to each other is the negative use of knowledge.  If we used more wisdom there would be less suffering.  Wisdom is the positive use of knowledge and energy.  To put it another way.

Wisdom is Love.

Love is always positive.   If it ain’t love then it ain’t wise, and if it and wise then it ain’t love. It is wise to love, so people suffer for lack of wisdom.  There is plenty of love in the world but there can always be more.  We should check our actions and thoughts for positivity.  If they are not positive then they must not be of love, which means they cannot be wise.

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