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What is the Truth about “The Kingdom of Heaven”

Written by on 05/22/2024

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Consciousness of ONLY Good.

As a conscious elevation scientist, I realize what ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ means when I think of what the universal supreme creative force is.

The universal supreme creative force is conscious spirit.  This consciousness expresses life.  Heaven, by it’s objectively and subjectively “good” qualitative state, has to be the best manifestation that Spirit can express.  Nothing can be better than Heaven.  It there was, then heaven wouldn’t be heaven, the other heaven would be heaven.

To think of heaven is to think of the grandest experience you can imagine.  This requires the grandest and best thoughts you can imagine.  Heaven is the highest quality consciousness the universal supreme creative mind can achieve, as far as the definition of heaven is concerned.

To express love, beauty, joy, peace, and harmony through all forms of life, at the same time, is heaven or on earth, Eden. Imagine life with nobody whinning, bitching or complaining. Is that not heaven?

Heaven starts at home first.

The first place to start is to cease the whinning and complaining in me.  Heaven is all good.  So if heaven is within then it must be all good within me.  This state is a conscious creation only I can control.  No one else can give give me heaven.  It requires taking the truth of God’s love, power, beauty, peace, joy, and harmony as present in ones self.  Divine goodness is heaven and heaven is within when you acknowledge the presence of the goodness of divine Spirit in your heart. mind and life.

The conscious change must go from any mentality that isn’t praise and celebration of the goodness of the universal supreme creative force.

The goodness of the God must be the only focus in order to create and main the Kingdom of heaven within.

REMEMBER, We can’t create heaven with the consciousness of misery.

Intelligence’s primary purpose and function is to make life more enjoyable.

Intelligence's primary purpose and function is to make life more enjoyable.

Intelligence’s primary purpose and function are to make life more enjoyable.


Spirit is all intelligence.  Intelligence’s primary purpose and function is to make life more enjoyable  This means LIFE as heaven is the universal supreme creative force’s highest order. (This statement is true until it is revealed to me otherwise).

I believe God is trying to achieve heaven through us.

This is the coolest meaning of Life.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the expression of most perfect consciousness.  There is no fear, insecurity, doubt, hate or any other negative state of mind.  To achieve this all of God has to love All of God.  This means we have to love all of ourselves and each other.  Each person has to do their part.  Love yourself and love everyone else. Love God with all your hear, all your soul and all your mind.

To achieve Heaven, all of life has to be conscious of the truth that God is Love and Love is All Good.  Life is the journey of finding this truth and expressing it through our lives.

The moment we leave this consciousness as our truth, heaven, as an expression, is lost.

In order to maintain Heaven, we have to be conscious of ONLY the Goodness of God, FOREVER.

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Bodybyloud! Vint
Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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