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‘God As Me’ is the Only Perspective in Your Universe.

Written by on March 26, 2024

The 'God AS' Perspective

Because the universal supreme creative force makes everything out of itself, there is only one perspective in the universe.  It is the ‘GOD AS’ perspective.  The universal supreme creative force (USCF)/God is the universe.  God as the moons.  God as the stars.  God as the black holes.  God as the planets. God as every form of life on the planets. This is the perspective of everything because God is the only entity in the universe.  

Humans are consequently included in the God AS perspective.  Man has a special place in the God AS perspective.  This is because we have the gift of consciousness or self-awareness.  Our self-consciousness still has the creative power of God.  This means as we think we create.  Because of this, we should be ever mindful of how we perceive.

Whenever you perceive you choose a perspective on what you perceive. This choice is eating from the tree of knowledge of good or evil.  For example, if I perceive something as negative I have chosen the nature of negativity from the tree of knowledge. All thought is creative because we share the consciousness of God.  Since God makes everything out of itself and is always creative, we are using perception in a creative nature.  Whatever you perceived as negative is made negative with your perception. The nature of our perception is creative power so it’s important to choose to perceive good.  Perceiving good is eating from the tree of life.
God-consciousness demands a mind that sees, hears, speaks, and most importantly perceives, no evil.  To operate as a metaphysical mental scientist is to train yourself not to perceive evil because we understand that perception is a creative principle or aspect of consciousness.
How do we do this?
Perceive everything as good.  “It’s all good” is your mantra. We know this because we know all is God. Since God is everything, all expression comes from within and we are within. Our perception becomes expression due to its creative principle so choose positivity as your God As perspective.
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Bodybyloud! Vint
Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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