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“Hollywood” by Rick James: A Story In Manifesting

Written by on May 26, 2024

Hollywood by Rick James, A Story in Manifesting


I’ve always loved the funky soulful stories I’ve heard in Rick James’ music. Song like “Teardrops” and “Ghetto Life” are soulful tales in music form. Now that my consciousness focuses on manifesting abundant aspects of life, I look at things differently and see different things in the same music I’ve listened to for years. I guess this is why they say “As you change the things you look at, the things you look at change”. 

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Songs you knew in one sense, take on new meaning when a new mental outlook changes what you see in them.


The song, “Hollywood”by Rick James is case in point.  Before I began reading/listening to books like Creating A Bug-Free Mind by Andy Shaw, the song had an entirely different meaning.


The song is a story of a young man telling his parents he’s leaving home to live out his dream.  A dream is a fantastical desire that appears to be out of this world to the dreamer.


In the song, Rick sings of how he’s always had this dream and how much he’s thought about going for it. He croons on how he sees himself there already. What the life is like there, even though he isn’t even there yet.  He knows he’s going to be there.  This is faith and belief.


He’s there in his mind already.  The first step he has to take to create the life he knows he’s going to have is to have faith and confidence. He displays faith and confidence when he says he’s “going to do good in Hollywood”.  This is referred to as speaking things into existance.


“Hollywood” in this song stands for showbiz success, and his method of gaining this showbiz success will be through his music and the opportunities he’s ready for.


These actions are part of creation.  First, comes the thought or idea.  Then, you visualized what it’s like to have the thought fulfilled.  Seeing yourself living the idea/desire.


Imagining or visualizing the idea in your mind turns the spiritual idea into an order to the subjective mind.  Through the subjective mind, the power of intuition from the Universal Mind is manifested.  The actual steps or actions to live out the desire as a reality are all that’s needed for the desire to become a reality. Rick’s part was he had to make music.


With BELIEF in hand, all Rick James had to do was live the life, in other words, make music and intuitively make moves that fulfilled his dream.  The magnificent thing about this is it works for everyone.  

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