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What is Christ? [A Conscious Wisdom/Science]

Written by on February 19, 2024

What is “Christ”?

“Christ” is a Conscious Wisdom/Science

My definition of Christ is unorthodox and controversial however it makes more sense than anything I ever heard.  I may have to do this as a podcast where I verbally lay it out.  I first came across the assertion reading the ideas and words of Phineas P Quimby.  He states that Paul, which Paul I’m not sure, called what Jesus taught his followers was a God-Conscious wisdom or science.  

God-consciousness is the First Tenant of the Wisdom/Science

This wisdom/science’s primary tenant is the awareness that what is true of the Father is true for the “Son”. The first idea a practitioner of “Christ” is to keep in mind is oneness with the universal supreme living principle.  “I and the Father are one” was one of Jesus’ constant refrains.  This is the foundational understanding of the science.  Joseph Murphy in his many works lays out why this is so important.  

The Major Work of the Practitioner of the Science is to Rid the Mind of Thoughts that do not represent the Divine Truths of the Father.

Jesus’ parables are primarily about separating the goats from the sheep and weeds from the wheat, and stuff like that.  These are allusions to the mental process of selecting thoughts to hold in mind.  Negative thoughts bear negative fruits.  Negative expression comes from negative thoughts.    Jesus taught you to know the tree by its fruits.  He said you had to annihilate all ideas not of the Father, the life-giving principle.  These ideas are your mortal enemy and you have to show no mercy to them.  

Negativity is the Sin of Not Loving God.

Another way Jesus put it was to Love the Father with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.  Since God is Life, this means to love life will all your heart, soul, and mind.  Negativity is not allowed because you can only be negative about life, which is God.  Negativity about life is sin.  This is important because the universal supreme creative force/consciousness is purely creative.  We share the mind of the creator and create according to our thoughts.  This concept was bit much to relay to his followers in Jesus’ era so he put it as best he could for them to understand.

Thank goodness we have had the works of Thomas Toward, Phineas P Quimby, Joseph Murphy, and Rev. Ike.  I was able to piece together what Jesus was teaching through my study of these people and a few others.

Jesus sacrificed his Christ, his conscious wisdom/science to demonstrate, fulfill, and express the law.  Life is eternal and death is merely an expression of negative consciousness(sin) and not of the universal supreme creative force which is life. The “our” in dying for our sins refers to mortal consciousness that believes in death, sickness, lack, etc. So Jesus’s Christ was sacrificed to expose “our” sins as false or being the negative aspect of consciousness. The only way to do this was to express life after death, in order to do this he had to sacrifice his conscious wisdom that knew death as sin.

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