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How Adam is Born in Sin Today we’re going to talk about how Adam is born in sin, which is a big idea that might seem complicated at first, but I promise we’ll make sense of it. We will explore the relationships between consciousness, matter, choice, freedom, and sin. First, let’s talk about consciousness. What […]

What is “Christ”? “Christ” is a Conscious Wisdom/Science   My definition of Christ is unorthodox and controversial however it makes more sense than anything I ever heard.  I may have to do this as a podcast where I verbally lay it out.  I first came across the assertion reading the ideas and words of Phineas […]

What type of question is What is ‘Eve’? There are several ways to interpret the Bible but the one I have focused on is based on the truth of consciousness.    I do this because the truth is in consciousness.  What I have learned from Thomas Troward and several other metaphysical teachers is that everything […]

The questions at hand are what is the purpose of life and what is spirit? This is a joint podcast and rapping session with a good friend, Sean ‘Similac’ Sims. I’m so enthused about the relaunch of Loudtalk from the GetRight Spot! It’s been a while since I did a new show. This is just […]

“The Word” is Thought Made Flesh or Expressed. God is Consciousness and the universal supreme creative force which makes everything out of itself.  The expression of God is “the word”. When Spirit pushes forth itself into matter in order to express itself in the physical “The Word” is made Flesh.  Theologians have had this misinterpreted […]

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