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What does “Seek You First the Kingdom of Heaven” mean?

Written by on February 19, 2024

Seek You First
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What does it mean to seek the kingdom of heaven first?  What is the kingdom of heaven anyway? If we think about it, the kingdom of heaven alludes to a place, yet it is clear that it’s a place in consciousness.  This is because heaven is the best imagined circumstances or the ideal.  To be in heaven is to have all you wish without anything you don’t wish.  The ideal must come from, through and by the idea.  Heaven is the idea of the ideal.  To seek it is to claim it as a consciousness of your own.  A kingdom is a land or territory under the rule of the lord or king, the lord or king of the kingdom of heaven is thoughts of the ideal.  Whatever we think and believe the ideal is, is our heaven.  However, for this ideal to be truth it must align with the truth about the universal supreme creative force, God.

What is true about the universal supreme creative force is ideal and thus heaven.

To have a problem you have to have an idea to have a problem with. This idea is your idea of you. Stop having a problem with yourself or your idea of yourself. The ideal desire in life is not figuring out how to survive but figuring out how to thrive.

Since the universal supreme creative force cannot be ill or sick then your ideal consciousness can contain no idea of ill health or sickness for it to be of the kingdom of heaven.  Since the USCF is life everlasting then the ideal consciousness can have no idea of death or non-existence.  Because God is the substance of all things spiritual and material, then there is no lack of anything.  Seeking the ideals that mean heaven to you must be done first.  Heaven must exist in the mind before it can exist anywhere else.  This means your idea of heaven is what heaven is to you.  To have heaven is to think heavenly thoughts first.

We are the idea of God.

Nothing exists without the idea of it existing first. We are not here without there being an idea of us being here first. You don’t get a pie or cake without having an idea of a pie or cake.  Once you have the idea then you can proceed according to the idea at hand.  The completion of the idea or its expression is in direct relation to the nature of the idea.  To don’t set out to make a chocolate cake and don’t put chocolate or cocoa in the ingredients.  A chocolate cake requires chocolate by the nature/idea of what chocolate is.  It cannot be chocolate cake without chocolate.

Man cannot be man without the idea of man being in the ingredients.  The ingredients in man and the idea of man comes from the maker and idealizer of man.  What of whom is the idealizer of man? That which man is made of, through and by is the idealizer of man.  This makes man the idea and expression of the universal supreme creative mind or God.

The Ideal of God.

What is the ideal of God when it comes to man.  The ideal of God must be true of God.  This means if God is eternal then man is eternal.  Any idea that is short of this, in any manner, falls short of the glory of God.  In order to have the ideal you must put the idea that matches the ideal in  the consciousness.  The consciousness is the expression and the expression matches the consciousness exactly.  If the idea falls short of the glorious heavenly consciousness or ideal then the expression will do the same.  What ever ingredients we leave out of the ingredients of the kingdom of heaven will be left out of the expression of life.  You can only get eternal life expression if you make sure the idea of eternal life is your conscious ideal.

The ingredients we know as the truth about God, is the ideal we must keep in consciousness as we seek the kingdom of heaven.  We are made of God and God is made of us. Seeking the kingdom is a never-ending journey.  We cannot know all the greatness of God in entirety as we are an individualized differentiation whose consciousness would have to expand to the point of understanding all that God knows.

If we keep in our hearts and minds the ideas we know make up the ideal life.  The ideas of love, peace, freedom, harmony and beauty. The ideal thoughts/ideas of life make the kingdom of heaven in expression.  We can only express our ideas held in mind, so in order to have the kingdom of heaven, we must have the ideal thoughts.  We must seek the ideal thoughts to express the kingdom of heaven.  This is what is meant by seek the first the kingdom of heaven.

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