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If there is a way to heal then there is a way to not be sick. That is the thought that comes to mind when I connect the words of wisdom I learned from Thomas Troward and Phineas P Quimby to the Heal documentary on Amazon Prime Video. I have been studying the works of […]

What is “Christ”? “Christ” is a Conscious Wisdom/Science   My definition of Christ is unorthodox and controversial however it makes more sense than anything I ever heard.  I may have to do this as a podcast where I verbally lay it out.  I first came across the assertion reading the ideas and words of Phineas […]

What is a Germ, when it comes to Elevation-Consciousness? The germ of fear is an insidious thought-choice, belief, or judgment. This fear germ is based on the idea that something is not good and can do your elevation harm. It’s a judgment(thought-choice) on what is, and there is only the universal supreme creative mind/force.  Because […]

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