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What is “Christ”? “Christ” is a Conscious Wisdom/Science   My definition of Christ is unorthodox and controversial however it makes more sense than anything I ever heard.  I may have to do this as a podcast where I verbally lay it out.  I first came across the assertion reading the ideas and words of Phineas […]

I grew up in the 1970s and my father was a music aficionado.  My dad collected music and kept our home filled with the sounds of soulful, funky music he loved.  One of my favorite albums he used to play was Do it (Til You’re Satisfied) by BT Express.  This album is full of wisdom set to […]

Knowledge can be used in many ways, wisdom can be used in only one way…Positively. Wisdom ain’t what you know but how you positively use what you know. We are free to know anything.  Knowing something does not automatically make you wise.  How you use what you know determines whether you are wise or not. […]

Now that I’ve discovered the importance and power in controlling how I think.  I take it upon myself to define ideas for myself.  Society may use a word in a certain context but depending on how I wish to use the word I’ll self-define a word to fit the GetRight nature of my thought process. […]

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