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“Heal” attempts to explain the Science that Jesus Taught

Written by on March 21, 2024


If there is a way to heal then there is a way to not be sick.

That is the thought that comes to mind when I connect the words of wisdom I learned from Thomas Troward and Phineas P Quimby to the Heal documentary on Amazon Prime Video. I have been studying the works of these two men for several years now and have come to several conclusions. In their respective works, they have explained the science of mind that relates the human condition to universal consciousness. This is the science that Jesus practiced and tried to teach. Jesus called the science/wisdom, Christ or “son of the father”. If we take the ideas proposed and expressed in the documentary called Heal and relate them to the teaching of Jesus, Dr. P. Quimby, and Honourable Judge Troward you have wisdom. This wisdom is the science that Jesus Christ set out to teach his disciples.

If you watch the documentary Heal you will see examples of how the nature of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs manifests through our physical health. These ideas don’t feel like strange or foreign ideas. They seem to make sense on some level of thinking. Troward teaches that having the emotions of doubt and fear in the background of whatever I am thinking it has to be expressed in some way on the plain of reality. Every emotion is expressed through the infinite power of one consciousness. This consciousness is life and the primary purpose of this consciousness is to express.

The documentary gives anecdotes of how thinking and perceptions have a healing effect on the body. This is the science of Jesus Christ. “Sin” or lowly thinking was the cause of human dis-ease according to Jesus. The wisdom of right thinking is the cause of health or healing. This is what Jesus attempted to teach the people of his day.

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