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The Truth about Adam and Eve (Part 1)

Written by on March 25, 2024

https://a.co/d/gBOdMedBible Mystery and Bible Meaning  From Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning by The Honorable Judge Thomas Troward

Part 1: The Truth about Adam and Eve begins with the truth about god

To better understand the truth about Adam and Eve we must first get some things straight about God.  Not understanding certain things about the creator is the reason why the esoteric truth of the garden of Eden remains hidden. 

First we must understand that God wants things to make sense. How can the Bible help anyone if it’s too difficult to catch the real meaning of what’s written?  The writer of the first books of the Bible is supposed to be Moses. Moses being the wise man that he was made sure that the essential truth about God and his relationship to man was presented through allegory. The allegory had to be told in a manner where generations to come could figure out the essential metaphysical truth. 

If something is true then it is eternally true. Our relationship to the Father is eternally true. We are made in of, by and through the creator. We are made in God’s imagination. We are the expression of God’s consciousness. This is the thing that makes us one with the Father. All expression is made or created through our consciousness which is one with God’s consciousness. 

This is what Moses set out to teach us in the first books of the Bible.  He wrote allegorical examples of how things work. 

What God thinks becomes the universal expression. What we think becomes our particular expression in the whole. 
The metaphysical truth about the relationship between Spirit which is conscious/energy and matter/atoms is the major theme of the Adam and Eve tale.
Spirit and matter are one in the Father.  They have a cause and effect relationship. Matter, is the physical expression of conscious spirit.  An example of this can be found in Genesis where God speaks everything into existence.  If is written as “and God said…”  Each statement is an “expression”. Anything you say is and expression.  If God says something it is the word of creation that is being evoked. Thought and words are one in God.  What God says becomes matters orders.  God is only expressing itself into physical form according to what the expression is.  Let there be light means I am light and light is expressed.  Thus God is makes everything out of itself as expression. 

Adam and Eve is Not about Man and Woman

If the story of Adam and Eve is to make sense then it can not be taken literally.  God gave us minds to think, he must want us to use them.  
The primary clue is in question ‘Why would God create man before he makes the vessel that is to give humans the ability to procreate?’  Woman is the only way humans can make future generations.  Woman coming last makes no sense. When I think about God making woman from man I call bs. This would mean God does things backwards, like woman was an afterthought. 
We who seek truth from the Bible have to come to the conclusion that something entirely different is being relayed to us.  This means Adam and Eve is not about Man and Woman. 
Adam and Eve must be re-evaulated as a lesson on how creation works through man.
Everything works through, by, and as the universal supreme creative force/mind. This means Man is made in God’s mind or imagination.  Once we understand this, the allegory lesson of Adam and Eve can be better understood. 
Here, Emmet Fox breaks down the aspects of God that are essential to understanding mental science.  
Genesis tells us quite a few things relating to the beginning of time. Before the current epoch of expression, there was no time or space.  The universal supreme creative force, differentiated itself into matter giving us the time-space dimensions. 
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