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Bush Babees on Hip-Hop Re-Presented

Written by on May 23, 2024

Bush Babees

In my quest to reexplore hip-hop, I came across the group Bush Babees in my music catalogs.  I remember the group’s name but couldn’t recall what tracks I remember them from.  Hip-Hop Re-Presented gives me the opportunity to check out music and artists I didn’t give a chance or somehow escaped my notice.  I was pleased to find some nice tracks with Mos Def and Q-Tip on Bush Babees’ “Gravity” album.  You know I had to add them to the station rotation. 

Below are the tracks added to the station rotation.  I’d like your opinions on tracks by Bush Babees I might have overlooked.  I gave this album and their first album, Ambushed under the name Da Bush Babees a good listen.  They grew in terms of flow and production on the second album.  I didn’t find anything the scratched the hip-hop itch on the debut release.

Any update on the emcees in this group would be appreciated in the comments.

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