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Hollywood by Rick James, A Story in Manifesting   I’ve always loved the funky soulful stories I’ve heard in Rick James’ music. Song like “Teardrops” and “Ghetto Life” are soulful tales in music form. Now that my consciousness focuses on manifesting abundant aspects of life, I look at things differently and see different things in […]

# DJ Oji and The Underground Essentials: A Journey into House Music! House music has been a powerful force in the music industry for decades. Its infectious beats, soulful melodies, and pulsating rhythms can transport listeners to a state of pure euphoria. At the heart of this genre lies DJ Oji and his weekly house […]

Blackout! by Method Man, Redman Recently I went through the tracks on Blackout! the 1999 album by Method Man and Redman.  The album is just like you would imagine it would be.  It is full of headbangers, sick flows, and rambunctious personalities from two of the best emcees to pick up the mic.  Rarely do […]

Extra Prolific’s flow is Like It Should be With a listen to Extra Prolific’s 1994 album Like It Should Be, I discovered a duo, rapper and DJ/producer, and flow I had somehow missed.  The emcee Duane “Snupe” Lee has a flow that reminds me of Domino and Slick Rick.  It’s a flow that’s smooth and […]

In my quest to reexplore hip-hop, I came across the group Bush Babees in my music catalogs.  I remember the group’s name but couldn’t recall what tracks I remember them from.  Hip-Hop Re-Presented gives me the opportunity to check out music and artists I didn’t give a chance or somehow escaped my notice.  I was […]

Hip-Hop Re-Presented the Way It Could Be. In an alternate universe, this is the way the hip-hop story goes. Hip-Hop re-presented in a way that truly represents who we are and aspire to be.  A hip-hop consciousness that expresses life from many different perspectives, all for the love of the culture.    

“Our People” feat. (Quelle Chris) by Sea Kaapstad “Our People” feat. (Quelle Chris) by Seba Kaapstad is one of several tracks on our 2022 #GetRightMusic playlist that was released a couple of years ago.    We always say it doesn’t matter when you discover a track you love as long as you find it.  We […]

One listens to “Shoestring” by Felix Ames and you feel something for the artist and the music.  The single is a no-brainer for a spot on the 2022 GetRightMusic playlist and chart.  It also puts Felix Ames on our Leaders of the New Cool list. This list is dedicated to the new music and artist […]

R&B Jointz is Music That’s Meant to be Shared R&B/Soul that expresses the vibe we call GetRight! #GetRightMusic R&B Jointz is focusing on R&B/Soul music to express the Vibe.  This Vibe is funky soulful grooves from ALL ERAS.  We’re open to suggestions on the music you think would sound great on the station. Join the […]

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