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God’s Will Be Done Through Us By Us

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      God’s Will Be Done.

      We are God’s Will.

      The universe is made of the universal supreme creative force.  The desire behind the creation of the universe is what makes us all exist.  We could not be here if the

      God’s Will Be Done.

      We are God’s Will.

      The universe is made of the universal supreme creative force.  The desire behind the creation of the universe is what makes us all exist.  We could not be here if the desire that manifests us is not what it is.  This is God’s will.  All expression is backed the desire of the universal supreme creative mind.

      What matters is what consciousness expresses.  Matter is the expression of consciousness.  It is through the mind of God that we appear in reality, what God imagines is expressed as the universe.  This is how we are made in God’s Imagination.

      How can God’s Will be Challenged?

      What can go against God’s desire?  Since everything is made through God’s imagination then only God’s imagination can oppose itself.  However, God’s mind can’t oppose itself because as soon as God’s mind is changed it is right. For this reason, the universal supreme creative mind cannot be double-minded.  At any moment or instance of time and space whatever is in the desire and volition of God is good and right.

      God can’t be wrong no matter which way she thinks.

      For God to be wrong it would require a higher power and consciousness to pass judgment on God.  There is no higher power.  God is one.  This means God can’t be against God.  Infinite intelligence is always right and good because it is one and unchallenged. No matter the expression, it is the right expression according to God’s imagination.

      God’s Will makes us and we make God’s Will.

      All are made through the universal supreme creative consciousness, desire, and volition. Whatever is made by God determines God’s will.  We can think because we are designed to be able to think.  This design comes from that which can think and can design something that can think.  We are designed to do what the creator can do.  This is the creator’s will.  We inherit our consciousness, desire, and will from that which makes us.  The creator’s will is built into us and we further the creator’s will.  Since we use inherited consciousness we determine the master consciousness.  Consciousness is a one-to-one give and take.  Our imagination is inherited through the master imagination since we are made of the master consciousness.

      Our ability to imagine comes from the universal supreme creative mind.  This means we have direct input into the master imagination.  This direct input helps determine the master expression or reality.

      Our Direct Input into the Master Consciousness Puts Our Will Through God’s Will.

      What we desire is pushed through the pure creativeness of the Father.  This makes our will the Father’s will.  As we think in our heart God makes happen through its creativity.  This is how creation is pushed forward by us through us.  Since The Father makes us and has his will for us made by us.  It is designed so that whatever we desire is projected into reality using its ability to create.

      This is why we are instructed to be careful what we consume as our thoughts.  In other words, which tree we eat from.  It does not matter to the Father what is expressed as long as it’s what we want.  To God, what we focus on in our imagination, thinking, and emotion is what we want.  He does not care what we want, if we focus on something it becomes a request.  Be is good or bad it is a desire put into the creative nature of the Father.  It shall be done as God’s will through us by us.  This is why we can’t be upset about our situations and circumstances.  We made them ourselves.


      [See the full post at: God’s Will Be Done Through Us By Us]

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