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Extra Prolific’s flow is Like It Should be With a listen to Extra Prolific’s 1994 album Like It Should Be, I discovered a duo, rapper and DJ/producer, and flow I had somehow missed.  The emcee Duane “Snupe” Lee has a flow that reminds me of Domino and Slick Rick.  It’s a flow that’s smooth and […]

How Adam is Born in Sin Today we’re going to talk about how Adam is born in sin, which is a big idea that might seem complicated at first, but I promise we’ll make sense of it. We will explore the relationships between consciousness, matter, choice, freedom, and sin. First, let’s talk about consciousness. What […]

God Makes Us Out of Itself Since the only substance in the universe is God, God makes us out of itself. The question is why can’t you get right? This is the type question that comes to me from time to time. I hear people with every excuse in the book for why things ain’t […]

When you’re doing what you love you can not feel a sense of lack. This is why we are full of life when we’re doing what we love. This is a consciousness of wealth. Wealth is having life more abundantly, which is having more of what you love in your life, which is having a […]

YouTube Channel curates Music and Enlightenment  You’ll find some great music from generations past…  to right now! We are progressing toward having radio shows for different genres and eras of music. I see us having shows for Old-School R&B, Golden-era Hip-Hop, and ’90s R&B right offhand. Of course, we love Rock and Soulful House Music […]

Be the Vibe, you want to experience in the world. This past Saturday night, I wanted to get out and enjoy a few hours listening to a particular style of music and enjoying some craft brew.  I got dressed, smoked a nice fatty, and jumped in the ride to start my mission.  I was playing […]

Hip-Hop Re-Presented the Way It Could Be. In an alternate universe, this is the way the hip-hop story goes. Hip-Hop re-presented in a way that truly represents who we are and aspire to be.  A hip-hop consciousness that expresses life from many different perspectives, all for the love of the culture.    

All-Profit from GetRight Thinking We are an All-Profit Movement, like all movements should be. If you believe something is good for yourself, then it should be good for others and preferably for everyone.  Thinking better and operating from a positive mentality profits or benefits everyone.  Our goal is to share ideas that lead to better […]

R&B Jointz is Music That’s Meant to be Shared R&B/Soul that expresses the vibe we call GetRight! #GetRightMusic R&B Jointz is focusing on R&B/Soul music to express the Vibe.  This Vibe is funky soulful grooves from ALL ERAS.  We’re open to suggestions on the music you think would sound great on the station. Join the […]

The ‘God AS’ Perspective Because the universal supreme creative force makes everything out of itself, there is only one perspective in the universe.  It is the ‘GOD AS’ perspective.  The universal supreme creative force (USCF)/God is the universe.  God as the moons.  God as the stars.  God as the black holes.  God as the planets. […]

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