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    • The Meaning of Life according to Bodybyloud! THE MEANING OF LIFE MUST BE CONCEIVED FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SOURCE OF LIFE. If you're truly gonna try to understand life, you're gonna have to try and understand it from the perspective of what makes life.  It's what makes life that gives it its purpose. If you are going to make something then the purpose of that something is of, and in the mind of the maker.  The highest purpose is the maker's purpose, the purpose of the creator.  So we must ask ourselves why would the creator do what it does, to make us exist? Effort must be overcome by desire, to make anything. If you don't care enough to get started and continue, you will never get anything accomplished. That's what desire is, caring enough to do what it takes to be satisfied. The effort must be justified in advance by the idea of the reward of satisfaction.  My desire to get an apple from the top of a tree must be worth more than the effort it will take for me to do it.  If I don't want the apple that bad I'm not gonna put forth enough effort to do it.  Either I must love apples or I just love the sense of accomplishment in the journey and striving to get to the apple.   If you're infinite, like the universal supreme creative force, you are never satisfied because there is no end.  Whatever it does it must love to do it. There is no enforcer making God create and sustain the universe like so.  It is pure desire, to express life in all the ways that are possible, that must motivate God.  It is out of desire and love of expression that we exist.  Noting can make the universal supreme creative force do something it doesn't want to do.  This means it does everything for love and love of doing it. This is Grace. This is why the universal supreme creative force is Love and we share its purpose. We are here to express life. We are the mechanisms of the expression of life. Everything about us is designed for God to interact with other aspects of itself. In other words, we are God living through us and contemplating itself. This means, from the source point of view, we are here to enjoy our expression. Our primary desire is our purpose and that is to enjoy life. This is why we strive to be satisfied with our lives. Our efforts are geared toward this desire to feel life is good and mean it. This is the meaning of life and living. We share God's desire, as expressions of God, to be evermore satisfied with the life we create. [See the full post at: The Meaning of Life according to Bodybyloud!]

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