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    • What is Bodybyloud!’s definition of Intelligence? Now that I’ve discovered the importance and power in controlling how I think.  I take it upon myself to define ideas for myself.  Society may use a word in a certain context but depending on how I wish to use the word I’ll self-define a word to fit the GetRight nature of my thought process. This thought process is primarily concerned with the truth-in-elevation of a word. How said word relates to my elevation is all that matters.The word “Intelligence” is a word I’ve self-defined for such a purpose.  I’ll quote the accepted and formerly used definitions of the word then I shall explain my usage of the word and why. Dictionary.com definition of Intelligence   Merriam Webster Dictionary's definition of Intelligence Bodybyloud!'s Definition of Intelligence The above definitions are sufficient on the surface, yet shed no light on the truth-in-elevation purpose of intelligence.  If we say our goal is to have life more abundantly or live as well as we can, then how we use our intelligence is most important.  The definitions of the word intelligence in the above two sources make no reference to our intended use of God's gift to us.  What does  “the skilled use of reason”, "the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations”, "the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by the objective criteria” or “the basic eternal quality of divine Mind” do for the individual? Its purpose has to be in its expressive use. What is the expressed purposed of “the skilled use of reason”?  I personally use my skilled use of reason to solve problems or to handle situations better.  This "the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations” improves my life.My favorite two definitions of intelligence are “aptitude in grasping truths" and "manifestation of a high mental capacity". Bodybyloud! is about grasping truth and manifesting from the highest mental consciosness or elevated thought" Its primary function is to make life better and more enjoyable. We use intelligence to make life better. That’s what intelligence is for. If you’re not using your intelligence to make life better then you’re most likely misusing it or not using it at all. Making life more enjoyable is what it’s for. How are you using your intelligence? [See the full post at: What is Bodybyloud!'s definition of Intelligence?]

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