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    • Be The Vibe You Want to Experience in the World. [How to Get-Right] Be the Vibe, you want to experience in the world. This past Saturday night, I wanted to get out and enjoy a few hours listening to a particular style of music and enjoying some craft brew.  I got dressed, smoked a nice fatty, and jumped in the ride to start my mission.  I was playing mix by Dave Foster [embed]https://www.mixcloud.com/Dave_Foster/[/embed]  and the mix went into the track [embed]https://open.spotify.com/track/00ZWaVlZwiOSXIyoi7R75b?si=f73f1d50e606455c[/embed]  and I realized I want to be where they are playing this song or songs with a similar vibe.  Wherever that spot is, is The GetRight Spot! for tonight.  It dawned on my while I was driving the streets of my city, Columbia, SC, that there wasn’t a spot in the entire city (that I knew of) that was setting a vibe like the music I was blasting in the car. This felt like a shame to me. There should be a venue somewhere in every city where like souls can come together and fellowship in a soulful deep house atmosphere. Then I thought, This is a opportunity.  I stopped by the restaurant known to host a house music night and found them closing at 11:30, on a Saturday night, for goodness sake, smh.  A place like that is perfect for a night like that.  Then I went in search of a "beer garden” establishment I heard about in the place and couldn’t locate it, too high to follow gps correctly. (Forgot to mention I had a brownie earlier to boot) This just made me realize a brewery with a soulful house music night would be cool, another opportunity.     To Be The Vibe You Gotta Be The Vibe. The GetRight Movement is here to establish a elevated reality.  A reality based on a positive outlook on life.  Where there is opportunity there is elevation of the good we can see happening.  In order to change things we have to be the change we want to establish. We  have to Be the Vibe.  Being the vibe means we have to live it in thoughts, words and deeds.     The Vibe must be Established and Expressed. I got to thinking that before thes opportunities can be put into expression.  The “Vibe” I am going for needs to be established and presented to the world.  The only way I could see doing this was to present it through the music itself.  The music embodies the vibe. I have a playlist I’ve been working on for a few months and figured its a good place to start in establishing the spirit of this endeavor.  I renamed the playlist to [embed]https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0Bdsf2sZC2fbVBO44AL8sr?si=143ae6d5265a4a47[/embed] In presenting the playlist and the spirit it expresses I hope to gather like-minded or kindred spirits who wish to have a spot in their community that caters to the desired experience.  The goal is a GetRight Spot in every community in every city.   It begins here. [See the full post at: Be The Vibe You Want to Experience in the World. [How to Get-Right]]

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