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    • More New Friends, Please. Say 'YES' to More New Friends I'm seeing where people adopt this “No New Friends” motto as their unique method of operation. I believe the rapper, Drake, had a song that popularized it. Personally, I like to follow a line of thinking just to see where it goes. Let's play out the line of thinking or idea of, "no new friends".  What does that idea cause in our lives because ideas are cause and effect. The believed idea causes life expression. Could You Appreciate Some New Friends? Let’s start with the friends you have now.  Look around you.  Assess the friends you have.  Are they focused on ideas you feel elevate your life? Is it true that life is better with people who share your elevation goals? Is life more enjoyable being around people who claim happiness? People who discuss books about ideas they believe could make life more enjoyable are cool, right?  If your current friends aren’t cheering you on and helping elevate you then it's a very good chance you could appreciate more new friends that do.  Friends Become New Allies We all need encouragement along the way. We struggle the most usually because we think we are alone.  Good friends who see your efforts to better yourself often help with kind words. They want to be what they know they need.  These friends understand that elevation means connecting with those who are on the same journey.  We should all recognize the people, we already know, who are striving to better themselves.  There is strength in numbers. On this journey, new friends and longtime friends with aspirations become allies.  Be a Friend, First. Friends are people who can see your presence in their life as a good thing for themselves.  You have to be that good thing first.  Be a friend first by seeing/visualizing, others in the elevated state you wish for yourself.  See them being blessed with the happiness you desire for yourself. Be the person that says, 'Keep your head to the sky’.  Be there for others, just to listen when they need an ear.  Give advice sparingly and with loving honesty.    Be first to love somebody.  Everyone is a Friend  We should strive to walk through life seeing everyone we meet as potential friends. I don't understand not giving people the joy of friendship. It's a idea/vibe not of the Tree of Life. Not wanting friends is a negative idea/vibe because it makes/causes you to be un-friendly. You have to be unfriendly to ward of new friends. On A Spiritual Note God is our supply because There is Only God. God comes in all forms to our aid. One of these forms is other people. We call these people, Friends.  Be aware of what you claim because you don’t want this idea to claim you. You’re saying NO to far more than what you may think. Claim friendliness as your conscious spirit by being a new friend to all you meet.  Do this knowing God/Good will be the friends you desire in life and they will manifest accordingly. [See the full post at: More New Friends, Please.]

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