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    • GetRight Is an All-Profit Movement All-Profit from GetRight Thinking We are an All-Profit Movement, like all movements should be. If you believe something is good for yourself, then it should be good for others and preferably for everyone.  Thinking better and operating from a positive mentality profits or benefits everyone.  Our goal is to share ideas that lead to better life expression for everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to spread the truth we call Elevation Consciousness or Bodybyloud! This movement has as its main tenet,  To Get Right you Gotta Think Right. Bodybyloud! is the GetRight Spot for Elevating Your Mind. We create a spot for people to indulge in activities away from the negative, unbelieving mindset. Bodybyloud! is the spot to bring ideas and get ideas about How to Get Right.  We explore and share resources on this subject.  We suggest authors and people of interest we feel are positive lights on this journey.  We have to learn how to change life for the better.  Collecting the right ideas comes first.  A community dedicated to the cause is required.  People who know what they are doing and why they are doing it are important.  We are the spot and the reason for the spot. We have a YouTube Channel with a playlist dedicated to #Elevation and videos of instruction and encouragement. It’s full of videos and audiobooks for those seeking help and inspiration to get their minds right. Getting your mind right it the first and most important step on any journey. The rest is all about maintaining that mental focus. Come check out what we have curated and let us know what we might have missed. This is a group effort, an All-Profit movement, The GetRight Movement We created The GetRight Spot! and this site so that everyone would profit from good ideas and a positive approach to thinking about life.[See the full post at: GetRight Is an All-Profit Movement]

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      Bodybyloud! Vint

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