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    • How is “The Social Dilemma” corrected by Right-Thinking?   The Social Dilemma and Right-Thinking The Social Dilemma, a Netflix documentary on the darker side of social media, has brought to light the need for right-thinking when using these platforms that manipulate their users for profit. From addictive features to echo chambers and misinformation, the negative effects of social media are evident. However, the power of right-thinking can nullify these effects and create a positive experience on social media.   What is Right-Thinking? Right-thinking is wisdom based on the understanding that we create according to how and what we think. Thinking always has a polarity. If we approach social media with a positive and healthy mindset, the algorithms will adjust accordingly. Instead of being fed harmful content, our feeds will reflect our positive mentality.   If we put negativity into what we "like" or share, we will get negativity in our notifications. Similarly, if we spread suspicion and distrust through our posts, we'll see more of the same in our feeds. The algorithms learn from our attention and feed them back to us like a mirror. This is true for all interpersonal relationships - we get what we put into them. Therefore, we must fix how we think on social media before we can fix "The Social Dilemma."   We are Beautiful, Abundant, and Loved.   Before we even go on social media, we should know that we are beautiful, abundant, and loved. If we don't know these things, we can get sucked into believing the negative ideas spread by erroneous thinkers, which are the vast majority of society and social media users. By having a positive mindset and knowing our worth, we can create a healthier and more positive social media experience.   How do we know we are Beautiful, Abundant, and Loved? We know we are beautiful, abundant, and loved from the fact that these are characteristics of our creator. That which makes us is beauty. We know this because there is none with a second opinion. The universal supreme creative force is one. There is no other to question the beauty in all it creates. Doubting our beauty is sin = (missing the mark) because that which makes us is beauty.   We know we are abundant because that which makes us is abundance. The universal supreme creative force makes everything out of itself. It is boundless energy and the source of all things. It is all supply and through creation is only supplying itself and therefore is rich in all things. Since we are made of it we are eternally abundantly supplied with everything we require to enjoy life. Lack is a mentality of erroneous thinking. Abundance is right-thinking because the truth of it aligns with the truth of God.   We are loved because God is love. That which makes us is expressing itself through us. To do this it must desire to do this. Nothing can make the universal creative supreme force do that which it does not desire to do. This means our existence is a desire of the creator. Love is in our expression. Our existence is an act of love. God loves to express us. We are loved into existence.   "The Social Dilemma" ultimately admonishes viewers to be more mindful of their social media use and to take steps to protect their mental health. For example, the film suggests setting limits on social media time, turning off notifications, and seeking out more diverse sources of information. A good idea is to use websites like Bodybyloud! that help you discover ideas of wisdom that are good for your life and expand your understanding of life.   In conclusion, while the negative effects of erroneous thinking on social media are real, we have the power to nullify them through right-thinking. By approaching social media with a positive and healthy mindset, we can create a more positive experience and spread positivity to those around us. It's time to take responsibility for our social media use and use it as a tool for good. [See the full post at: How is "The Social Dilemma" corrected by Right-Thinking?]

      Started by: Bodybyloud! Vint in: GetRight Discussions

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      Bodybyloud! Vint

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