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    • How Adam is Born in Sin How Adam is Born in Sin Today we're going to talk about how Adam is born in sin, which is a big idea that might seem complicated at first, but I promise we'll make sense of it. We will explore the relationships between consciousness, matter, choice, freedom, and sin. First, let's talk about consciousness. What is it? Well, consciousness is all. That means everything we experience, think and feel is a part of consciousness. It's like the big, invisible container that holds all of our thoughts and experiences. All actions and reactions in life are through consciousness. Every expression is about what we are conscious of. Think about this.   Where does this consciousness come from? This is a very hard question to answer. Just thinking of the origins of consciousness makes you wonder if it ever not existed. Consciousness seems to have to be eternal because it already is and what exists cannot come into existence from non-existence. Now, let's think about matter. Matter is expression. This makes all the subatomic particles, that science is aware of, are expression. We might ask expressions of what? It is my understanding that only consciousness can express anything. It is consciousness or that which is conscious that expresses everything as matter. The universal supreme creative force or Spirit expresses everything in particular. This means it becomes a particle in order to express whatever it desires to express in particular. Spirit is one and whatever atoms become is through the one conscious Spirit. That means all the things we see and touch and interact with are expressions of something deeper. They're like the outer layer of something that's much more complex and mysterious. So, if consciousness is all and matter is expression, what does that mean for us? Well, it means that consciousness is choice. We get to choose how we think, feel, and act, and those choices are reflected in the world around us. And that's where freedom comes in. Consciousness is freedom. We have the power to choose how we want to express ourselves, and that expression can be positive or negative. We can choose to be kind, compassionate, and loving, or we can choose to be mean, hurtful, and selfish.But here's the thing: even when we choose to express ourselves negatively, that expression is still a part of consciousness. It's still a part of the big container that holds everything. So, consciousness expresses matter, whether that expression is positive or negative. Let's think about atoms for a moment. Atoms are matter, and they too express positive and negative consciousness. That means even the tiniest building blocks of everything around us are influenced by our thought choices and emotions thereof. Finally, let's talk about sin.   What is Sin?   The original meaning of the term "sin" means "to miss the mark." This concept originates in archery, where the goal is to hit the target at the center. When an archer misses the target, they are said to have "sinned" or "missed the mark." The same concept is applied to human thought and behavior.In the context of human thought, sin can be understood as a deviation from the ideal, the most positive thoughts that we should be having. It is a failure to align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with that which is not right and good. This leads to negative consequences, such as guilt, shame, and a sense of disconnection from others and our values.   However “Sinning” is born of expression and is due to the freedom of consciousness to be whatever is in mind. It is because we are free to choose any idea possible in consciousness that sin is born. The atom which is matter/expression is born in the principle of freedom of consciousness.   This is why Adam is born in sin, and vice versa. Consciousness and matter are one. Matter or expression is made through consciousness being made particular(particle). The only way to express all there is to express is for consciousness to be particle of all poles or polarity, positive and negative. If we say undifferentiated Spirit/Consciousness is perfect because it has no form then consequently, taking form means it is making itself “miss the mark” or “sin" to express all that is possible to express in particular. Expression is born in the pushing forth of Spirit/Energy/Consciousness into form/matter/particle/Atom. Only by judging the particular can flaws or imperfections (which are negative perceptions of what is) come into existence or expression. There has to be form before form can be judged or opinionated on. You cannot have an opinion about something that is not expressed. This means “Sin” or "missing the mark" is born in expression/Atom/matter. Sin is a consequence of the universal supreme creative force/mind expressing life/being. Atom is born in sin and vice versa. It’s the best thing to ever happen for us, through us and by us. To avoid sinning, in our particular expression, we need to cultivate awareness of our thoughts and actions and strive to align them with what is right and good. We need to practice positive mindfulness, self-perception, and compassion towards ourselves and others as differentiated expressions of ourselves. All is one and one is all. By doing so, we can overcome negative patterns of thought and behavior, and live a more positive and fulfilling life. Sin is the law of negative expression and includes any idea of flaw, fear, guilt, or shame. It's born in the consciousness of freedom we inherit from the Father God who makes us out of itself. That means when we choose negative thoughts, we sin and express them accordingly. Remember, sin is part of consciousness. It's something we must master the art of avoiding to have life more abundantly. So, there you have it. The relationships between consciousness, matter, choice, freedom, and sin are complex, but understanding them can help us be more mindful of our thought choices and expressions. [See the full post at: How Adam is Born in Sin]

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