God, the universal supreme creative force is Spirit and the mover of subatomic particles.

God, the universal supreme creative force, exists as subatomic particles and these particles are God’s spirit.  This is part of the conclusion that goes with the premise I set forth on the There is Only God post I’m continuing to work on.

God is the force behind the movement of subatomic particles. I make this claim because of the law of motion that says if something moves there is a force acting upon it. Since EVERYTHING is made of subatomic particles it makes it clear to me that this force that moves them must be creative. It also must know all things, be all-powerful, and be everywhere. This satisfies the conditions for God.

Being is a requirement of existing. This combined with the truth that matter cannot be destroyed or created makes it clear that whatever created the universe had to already exist and consequently had to always exist. If matter had to always exist then the mover of matter has to have always existed.

Everything is based on the movement of atoms, am I right? This means the mover of atoms is in charge of everything. The mover of atoms is life and evolves whatever the atoms comprise, this is implicit truth. The mover of atoms has to be conscious or nothing could be done.  If everything is made of atoms then the mover of atoms controls everything. This is simple logic

This debate or argument may seem like it’s for a very small group of people, however, this is part of a much grander plan. In order to bring forth a much-needed new consciousness and help people Get Right. We have to get people to see and reevaluate the truth about the universal supreme create force/God.

Elevation is Bodybyloud!’s Cause

Religion or more accurately, people’s religion influenced misunderstanding about God had led to a blockage of elevation. Elevation is blocked due to a lack of understanding about how elevation works. Elevation requires the mastering of the use of the God-presense. First, we have to truthfully establish what the universal supreme creative force/mind/energy/spirit is. Only the truth can make us free so I’m here to express the truth. To make it more fun and challenging, I choose to start with the most ardent nonbelievers… atheists.

I’ve made it my cause to let the truth be known

I, Bodybyloud! Vint, invite everyone in the internet universe to discuss or debate this topic or assertion, according to how they see it. 
I think it best to write this post to discuss my assertion with the world. I’m a better debater than a writer so I feel it best to make my points through the spirit of logical debate. Follow me Bodybyloud! Vint and watch me as I operate as Daniel in the Lion’s Den on Facebook in the Atheist vs Theist groups.

I wish to open the discussion and debate here in the comments of this blog. I want the world to participate in the discussion. I want to meet thinkers. Truth is for thinkers. You have to be able to think to debate. The truth is my weapon of choice. I don’t waste time debating people who can’t recognize the truth when it’s right there in front of them. I will update this blog post as the debate goes on. You must register to comment on this post. 

In your opinion, Why wouldn’t the force behind the movement of subatomic particles be God?

We interact with the universal supreme creative force through thoughts. The universe is consciousness and man’s consciousness is one with that consciousness. you are made of it whether you like it or not. Evolution is a fact and only consciousness can evolve so evolution is also the creation of the universal supreme creative force. I’ve said nothing about religion. I’m speaking science to you. . The brain is made of the same thing everything else is made of, moving atoms. This means like everything else the mover of atoms designed the brain.

Here are my replies to a few individuals I was debating,

  • I can demonstrate through logic and reason however realizing the truth is on you.
  • What is acceptable and understandable to you?
  • Well in this case you have a specific qualification to Superman. What are your qualifications for God?
  • That’s an individual subjective thing. My qualifications are omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.
  • Once you identify what has all those qualities you won’t need a test. I wouldn’t.
  • if something is omnipresent then it is everywhere at the same time. How could such a being present itself? It presents itself as everything that exists. What does everything consist of?
  • I don’t quite understand the question. If an alien meets those qualifications, I’m bowing immediately, lol.
  • The thing is the alien is not outside the universe so the alien is of the universal supreme creative force. There is nothing to distinguish. This alien could not be God.
  • it has to be omniscient. That means it knows all. To test the alien for that is impossible. Yet, there is no need to test the universal supreme creative mind for this. Since it is all things, it knows all things.
  • To know all is to be all.
  • I don’t need to ask. It already does everything you ask. Still, atheists have to recognize it. I realize and recognize God is the force behind the movement of subatomic particles. Since EVERYTHING is made of subatomic particles it makes it clear to me that this force must know all things and be all-powerful and be everywhere. This satisfies my conditions for God. The fact that you won’t or can’t realize or recognize this is not God’s problem. This is what makes you a supposed atheist. You’re asking for something that is evident already. Which makes it a choice.
  • Did you read my last reply? Tell me what’s false or wrong with it.
  •  just for conversation, in your opinion, why wouldn’t the force behind the subatomic particle movement be God?
  • ok, if it’s not a possibility for you, then why not, in your opinion?
  • Who has to show or validate that it’s a possibility for you to recognize it? I see it as more than a possibility. The force that moves subatomic particles has all the qualifications of God, in my opinion. I respect you have a different opinion but what ground is your opinion based on? I’m talking about the foundation of everything that exists in the universe. You’re talking about someone calling themself god. There’s a big difference in what you are comparing. Sounds like you need someone to approve an idea before you can consider it as possible. I think for myself and I call it as I see it. I stand on what makes sense to me.
  • first of all, the fact that they move is unquestionable. This is a fact, is it not? If this is a fact, then it is a fact that a force is moving them. Noting these two facts leaves no question to the fact that this force is all there is to life and the universe. I use these facts as a basis to say this force is God. You can disagree but as a question to you, Why are these facts not sufficient for you?
  • moving atomic particles are the primary evidence of life. Movement is the only indicator of life. I dare you to name another. This being fact, atomic particles are life.
  • everything you name is a product of movement. You can’t do anything on this list without the movement of what makes those things possible. This is source movement. What is the source of all the movement required to make everything on this list be possible. Subatomic movement is required for anything on that list to be possible. Subatomic movement is life.
  • There is nothing that is not living if it requires subatomic particle movement to exist.
  • What can they say? If they deny subatomic particles make everything then they lie. If they say subatomic particles don’t move then they lie. If everything is made of constantly moving particles, everything is of life.
  • Not being alive does not exclude the car being of life. Everything is made of moving subatomic particles they are of life. This life force is the truth of everything be it “alive” as categorized by man, or not.
  • You are made up totally by these moving particles. They are the only reason you are “alive”. Their existence is your life and the life of everything that exists.
  • What do you think the organic chemicals are made of. These organ chemical’s molecular structure is made of subatomic particles. Therefore life is made of subatomic particles. I now realize that not every idiot can see that.
  • Why would I need someone to validate what I can see with common sense? You find someone and I’ll debate them. I’ll wait.
  • You haven’t shown me where my observations have been dismissed.
  • All the subatomic particle movement is the structure of the universe in every way imaginable. So everything is included, the gold bar is made of subatomic particles, why does it need to reproduce?
  • The implicit truth of what I’m saying is what you can’t seem to understand. This is why I say the truth is for thinkers. If you can’t understand that the life force behind the subatomic particle movement is the only life that actually exists in the universe, then how can you understand the truth about the universal supreme creative force. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with now understanding. I came to shed light is all. If you can’t see it, what can I say?


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