God Makes Us Out of Itself, So Why Can’t We Get Right?

If God makes you out of Herself/Himself/Itself then why can’t you get right? This is the type question that comes to me from time to time. I hear people with every excuse in the book for why things ain’t better for them. It’s the black man, it’s the white man, it’s the Republicans, it’s the socialists, it’s capitalism. It’s like saying how the universe already is, is against me. But what is the universe made of?

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What is the Universe Made Of?

The universe must be me made of that which already was. This is for the simple truth that something can’t come from nothing. Let’s take that as a simple truth. Since this is the case, whatever can express the universe has no beginning. Without a beginning means it always was.

The universe must be made of that which can think. Thomas Troward already explained the truth that only thought can create. His explanation merely confirms what Hermes Trismegistus said many years ago, “All is Mind”. The universe is consciousness being expressed. Since only thought can create we but be made through and by the consciousness of the universal supreme creative force.

Therefore since we are made through and by the universal supreme creative force, we must be made of this same force/mind. This means we are made of God. Otherwise, we would be made

of foreign material which always had to exist, etc.

So what do these facts mean? They mean we are made of, by, and through God. Which means all of God’s power is built into us. All of God’s intelligence is built into us. It also means our thoughts are God’s thoughts and they have the creative ability of God.

Now that we understand these basic metaphysical truths we need to ask ourselves a question. Every time we doubt our ability to do what we have a desire to do, we should ask ourselves the question :

Why can’t we get right?

This is a loaded question for sure. It begs us to come up with an answer knowing that God cannot be against us. We know this because it would put God in conflict with itself, which is not possible.

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