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  • As the founder and creator of Bodybyloud!, I, Vincent Harris wish to welcome everyone who sees this profile to The GetRight Movement. I created this site as a discussion spot for interesting ideas about life.  Whatever your fascination or interest, whether it is Metaphysics, Quantum physics, Mental Science, Manifesting, Philosophy, Religion, etc, please feel free to discuss it here.  Don't forget to invite others of similar interests to join the discussions.

God Makes Us Out of Itself, So Why Can’t We Get Right?

If God makes you out of Herself/Himself/Itself then why can’t you get right? This is […]

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Be The Vibe You Want to Experience in the World. [How to GetRight]

Be the Vibe, you want to experience in the world. This past Saturday night, I […]

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How Atom is Born in Sin and the best thing that ever happened.

Today we’re going to talk about some big ideas that might seem complicated at first, […]

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More New Friends, Please.

Say ‘YES’ to More New Friends I’m seeing where people adopt this “No New Friends” […]

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Staying Focused in a World of Social Media Distractions

Staying Focused in a World of Social Media Distractions Are you finding it increasingly difficult […]

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