In order to elevate ourselves, we have to have an understanding of who and what we are in life.  This understanding of who and what we are is a part of what we called our Consciousness.  This course seeks to educate and explain the Truth about our consciousness.  This is the essential course of Bodybyloud! Elevation U. All other courses are differentiations embodied in this essential course.  Bodybyloud! is the study and expression of Consciousness Elevation.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 2 lessons Time: 10 weeks

    What is Truth and How Do We Recognize and Use It 1

    This is where we study the idea of Truth and and what it means in our lives. We hope to gain a practical understanding of how to use truth to elevate our consciousness. I have found no better explanation of Life, Truth and Consciousness than the work of the Honorable Judge Thomas Troward. Our first book of study is "The Lectures on Mental Science" by Thomas Troward.

    What is Consciousness 0

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    "The Cosmic Power Within You" by Dr. Joseph Murphy 1

    The current book being studied right now written by the spiritual advisor and luminary Dr. Joseph Murphy. He has been very instrumental in my understanding of proper thought maintenance and polarity.



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