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There is Only God, the universal supreme creative force/mind
christ is conscious wisdom!
The Book of Loud

Christ is Conscious Wisdom

The Truth About How Christ died for our Sins. Jesus sacrificed his Christ in order to demonstrate, fulfill, express the law in the aspect that life is eternal and death was merely an expression of negative consciousness(sin) and not of

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Believe in Your Favor

You gotta believe in something, why not believe in You. Because we think we have a choice in what to think. This choice is the most important aspect of living. What you think matters more than anything else in the

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The Truth that makes you free of fear
The Book of Loud

The Truth that Makes You Free of Fear

You Must Love the Truth if you want to be Free of Fear. I made a trip to the grocery store today in my usual elevated conscious state.  I was on a mission to get some brew and something sweet

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The only to Elevate is to stay conscious of your goal. Claim your goal and maintain that mental image in thought and deed.


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